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Fine Irish Linen Damask - Chrysanthemum Pattern
...with its faint shades of white. A classic pattern that never goes out of favor. Irish weavers have woven variations of this pattern for centuries and this exquisite cloth is no different. It is woven in Ireland! The yarns are 100% linen, wet spun from some of the finest flax grown in Europe. The pattern is developed by laying up yarns so they cover as many as 5 other yarns in the opposite direction before ducking under the next yarn. This allows light to reflect off cross yarns in a different and contrasting way which develops the Damask look. The result is a subtle elegance and lasting quality. Sizes up to 180" in length in stock.
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U2181.090 72x90 Rectangular Cloth $360.00 each Quantity:
U2181.090V 72x90 Oval Cloth $380.00 each Quantity:
U2181.108 72x108 Rectangular Cloth $390.00 each Quantity:
U2181.108V 72x108 Oval Cloth $430.00 each Quantity:
U2181.126 72x126 Rectangular Cloth $450.00 each Quantity:
U2181.126V 72x126 Oval Cloth $490.00 each Quantity:
U2181.144 72x144 Rectangular Cloth $520.00 each Quantity:
U2181.162 72x162 Rectangular Cloth $641.00 each Quantity:
U2181.180 72x180 Rectangular Cloth $720.00 each Quantity:
U2181.072R 72' Round Cloth $320.00 each Quantity:
U2181.090R 90' Round Cloth $490.00 each Quantity:
U2181.054 54x54 Square Cloth $270.00 each Quantity:
U2181.072 72x72 Square Cloth $234.00 each Quantity:
U2181.1218 12x18 Place Mats Set of 6 $120.00 set Quantity:
U2181.018 18x18 Napkins Set of 6 $147.00 set Quantity:
U2181.022 22x22 Napkins Set of 6 $259.00 each Quantity:

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