Floral Scroll Linen Damask
Linen adds elegance to a fine table setting. It's texture, absorbency and draping qualities are superior to any other fabric. Royalty favors linen for it's beauty, Religions for it's purity and common folk for it's durability.

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U6251.088 68x88 Rectangular $142.00 each Quantity:
U6251.108 68x108 Rectangular $174.00 each Quantity:
U6251.126 68x128 Rectangular $212.00 each Quantity:
U6251.068R 68' Round $132.00 each Quantity:
U6251.088V 68x88 Oval $142.00 each Quantity:
U6251.107V 68x107 Oval $174.00 each Quantity:
U6251.127V 68x127 Oval $212.00 each Quantity:
U6251.022 20x20 Plain Weave Napkins Set of 6 $80.00 set Quantity:

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