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White Irish Bed Linens
100% Pure White Irish Linen
These sheets and pillowcases are made in Ireland. All pillow cases and top sheets are hemstitched. These lovely sheets have been promoting a more restful sleep for royalty and are the ones found in the most luxurious homes. They get softer and softer with use. Contact us for a swatch

Thread count: Linen threads are counted differently than cotton threads because of the spinning process. Each single thread is twisted as a single ply. so a count of 120 is actually a much closer weave when compared to a count of 120 two ply cotton bedding. Linen is not spun as a two or three ply like cotton. A 120 count linen would equal a 240 two ply cotton or 360 three ply cotton. These Irish linen bed linens are the finest available on the market today.
Product # Description Price .
1940T.72108 Twin flat sheet 72''x108''

$330.00 each Quantity:
1940D.90108 Double flat sheet 90''x108''

$352.00 each Quantity:
1940K.108120 King flat sheet 108''x120''

$388.00 each Quantity:
1940B.2232 Bag Case 22''x32''x2''

$132.00 each Quantity:
1940B.2236 Bag Case 22''x36''x3''

$134.00 each Quantity:
1940S.2727 Sham 27''x27''x2''

$200.00 each Quantity:
1940S.2233 Sham 22''x32''x2''

$165.00 each Quantity:
1940P.2030 French Back 20''x30'' no hemstitching

$132.00 each Quantity:
1400B.1218 Petite Pillowcase 12''x18''
Monograming Available
$32.00 each Quantity:
1400S.1216 Petite Sham 12''x16''x1 1/4''

$45.00 each Quantity:

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