Leaf - Cotton Damask
White cotton damask with a Traditional leaf pattern created by different subtitles in the weave. All edges are plain hemmed for durability, they stand up to commercial washings and retain their pure snow-white color. This patterns includes a 22"x22" napkin and a very large round cloth (107" diameter) without any seams. Various oblong sizes are also available.

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U482.088 Leaf Cotton Damask 67x88 Oblong

$121.00 each Quantity:
U482.108 Leaf Cotton Damask 67x108 Oblong

$143.00 each Quantity:
U482.126 Leaf Cotton Damask 67x126 Oblong

$165.00 each Quantity:
U482.144 Leaf Cotton Damask 67x144 Oblong

$187.00 each Quantity:
U482.072 Leaf Cotton Damask 69'' Round

$154.00 each Quantity:
U482.090 Leaf Cotton Damask 90'' Round

$198.00 each Quantity:
U482.107 Leaf Cotton Damask 107'' Round

$231.00 each Quantity:
U482.022 Leaf Cotton Damask 22x22 Napkins
6 in a Set.

Monograming Available
$30.00 set Quantity:

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