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Monica (Natural)
Monica is a Rose patterned etamine damask weave of linen weft and cotton warp. The cotton natural yarns are slightly lighter in color then the linen yarns producing a more dramatic natural look.

There is an easy care finished applied to this cloth to resist stains and wrinkling.

You will love this casual look of natural Linen.
Product # Description Price .
U4850N.084 62x84 Rectangular Cloth $79.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.124 62x124 Rectangular Cloth $140.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.142 62x142 Rectangular Cloth $113.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.068R 63' Round Cloth $66.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.084V 64x84 Oval Cloth $79.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.107V 64x104 Oval Cloth $101.00 each Quantity:
U4850N.124V 64x124 Oval Cloth $124.00 set Quantity:
U4850N.018 18x18 Napkins Set of 6 $52.00 set Quantity:
U4850N.P (4)12x18, (4)8x18 Luncheon Set $44.00 each Quantity:

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