Monica (White)
Monica is a Rose patterned etamine damask weave of linen weft and cotton warp. All yarns are bleached for a bleached for a traditional egg-shell white color.

There is an easy care finished applied to this cloth to resist stains and wrinkling. But white is also very pratical in that you can use bleach if needed to remove stubborn stains.

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U4850W.084 62x84 Rectangular Cloth $79.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.104 62x104 Rectangular Cloth $101.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.142 62x142 Rectangular Cloth $140.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.068R 63' Round Cloth $66.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.084V 64x84 Oval Cloth $79.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.107V 62x104 Oval Cloth $101.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.124V 64x124 Oval Cloth $124.00 each Quantity:
U4850W.018 18x18 Napkins Set of 6 $52.00 set Quantity:
U4850W.P (4)12x18, (4)8x18 Luncheon Set $44.00 each Quantity:

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