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Vivaldi Double Damask
100% Irish Linen Double Damask Vivaldi
A Double Damask 100% Irish Linen placemats and napkins are the most exquisite fabric one can buy. What makes it so special is the quality and beauty of the damask designs which are achieved through expert weaving. The weavers raise or lower the threads in certain sequences to achieve our classic designs. When you purchase a double damask you are investing in an heirloom. It gets softer and more luminous with use.
Thread count: The thread count is 202 per square inch. Linen threads are counted differently than cotton threads. When spun each individual linen thread is heavier than a cotton thread. Cotton threads because they are thinner are twisted as a two or three ply. Each single linen thread is twisted as a single ply. So a count of 202 linen single ply is actually a much closer weave when compared to a count of 202 two-ply cotton. 202-count linen would equal 404 two-ply cotton or 606 three-ply cotton. The Vivaldi scroll is a our most intricate pattern combining small swirls, and diamond patterns which will enhance any dinnerware and flatware pattern. This pattern comes with hemstitching available in the placemat and napkins in sets of four. When you see the workmanship in person you will truly appreciate its delicate beauty.
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599.HS.1218 12''x18'' hemstitch placemats
set of 4

$available upon request each Quantity:
599HS.022 22''x22'' hemstitch placemats
set of 4

$available upon request each Quantity:

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