U800 Ecru
Table Cloths
Finest Pure European Linen, elegantly Hemstitched in the old fashion way in the Azores, Portugal. Pre-washed. Each piece is hand thread drawn, mitred corners and two needle stitched with a square shape punch where the stitch firmly attaches the hem. These are excellent to embroider or hand paint on.
(Last number on description indicates hem width)
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Product # Description Price .
U800.054 U800 Table Cloth 54x54x2 $220.00 each Quantity:
U800.072 U800 Table Cloth 72x72x2 $334.00 each Quantity:
U800.086 U800 Table Cloth 66x86x2 $325.00 each Quantity:
U800.106 U800 Table Cloth 66x106x2 $387.00 each Quantity:
U800.124 U800 Table Cloth 66x124x2 $435.00 each Quantity:
U800.142 U800 Table Cloth 66x144x2 $492.00 each Quantity:
U800.162 U800 Table Cloth 66x162x2 $510.00 each Quantity:
U800.180 U800 Table Cloth 66x180x2 $660.00 each Quantity:
U800.216 U800 Table Cloth 66x216x2 $715.00 each Quantity:

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